Saturday, July 3

g o b a c k h o m e , B R A Z I L s u c k s ! h a h a

Brazil vs. Netherlands World Cup 2010 Scores and Highlights – The first football match in the Quarter Finals Round of the FIFA World Cup 2010 between Netherlands vs. Brazil was already finished. Held at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth, Netherlands defeated Brazil at a score of 2-1.

Brazil tried their best to be at par with Netherlands as the game continued. However, still the Brazil did not get any successful goal towards the end of the game in the 94th minute until Netherlands was declared as the winner of the match. Congratulations to Netherlands! This was Netherlands’ first win over Brazil since the 1974 World Cup. With this win, Brazil was totally eliminated in the World Cup 2010 finals while Netherlands will advance to the Semi Finals.