Sunday, March 14

h o p e y o u h a p p y .

awk awk , org tak mara awk taw . Remember that ok . Org pun act tak taw nak ckp cam mane , haihhh bengong dah nih .

Awk just take care ok , jgn tido lmbt . Org always doa kan awk happy and success . Ape yg kite penah janji or pape je just lupe kan je ok . Nothing to remember . And most important thing , after this dont you ever tell me that you love me ok babe ? Mmg org syg awk , but now awk dah ade bf so jage bf awk ok . Gonna miss you , org try terime keadaan nih semue . One day nanti org ok laa tu ok montel . See yaa ,

Mood : Broken Heart
Music : Pergi By Aizat