Wednesday, March 10

a w a k , a n d a , k a m u .

Hey korang , wahh hari nih kolej aku cuti wokk . Result SPM kan kelua hari nih , so good luck and congrats laa kat sape2 yg ambik result hari nih ok .

Td aku bukak page someone nih , die ex aku taw . Name die Nur Izzati Bt Zahri , tp aku dah biase panggil die " BUBU " . Then aku jumpe something kat page die . Die tulis bende nih haa ,

" did you know how much i want you ? did you know how much i miss you ? did you know how much i need you ? did you know how much i grateful in this life after i met you ? did you know how much happy am i living after you ? did you what this world life meanings to me after you start sang me a first song ? did you know how faster my beat goes on everytime i see you , i talk to you and i touch you ? did you know how silent my life when youre not around me ? did you know how could i possibly move ahead to reach my future without you ? did you know hom much i LOVE you ? did you know everything ? everything that you has create a world for me : you make me neglectful about a life . i never met a person like you , never : just enough for me for you to know how much I LOVE yourself and cross all my heart : im waiting for you to proclaim me as yours : insightful the holy mosque . insyaallah "

Bubu , ape maksud bende ni ? And , utk sape bubu tulis nih ?

Mood : Nak tahu nak tahu !
Music : Oh No By Why Me